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Hollows & Rounds Side Round Snipes Bill Rabbet Composite Sets Dedicated
Hollows Rounds


Hollows & Rounds


Round and Hollow Planes, …by the Assistance of the Snipes-Bill, and Rabbet-Plane… they make the various Sorts of Mouldings
-Richard Neve, Builder’s Dictionary, 3rd edition, 1736

-Sold in pairs or in sets
-bedded square at 55 degrees
-Tapered iron
-60 degrees of a circle
-Width of cut corresponds to radius of circle

Hollows and rounds, used individually or in combination, will shape the curved surfaces of any molding ranging from simple quarter rounds, coves and bullnoses through side beads, ogees, astragals and ovolos.

You will use them to create that one-off, specific molding or edge you’ve seen in museums or antique shops. You will use them to scale moldings from a plan that you have scaled to fit your clients’ desires. You will use them to slightly change the shape of a routed profile to exactly match an original or your imagination. These planes will change your profession or hobby.

Hollow Rounds 1

Individual Pairs

Cherry or Beech: $425 per pair


Hollow Rounds 2Hollows Rounds 3

Half Set Includes 18 planes, even sized pairs 2-18, cutting a range of profiles 1/8th" through 1 1/2"

Cherry or Beech: $3,750

Hollow Rounds 7

Quarter set includes even sized pairs 2-10, cutting a range of profiles from 1/8” through 5/8”, 5 pairs total.

Cherry or Beech: $2,100



Hollows Rounds Profile Sketches


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